Workplace nutrition

Are you looking to create a healthier work environment in your workplace?

Our ONLINE and FACE to FACE workshops can help motivate employees to develop healthier habits, assist them in increasing their energy levels all the while reducing stress and improving overall health and wellbeing.

Facts and figures

The BDA (British Dietetic Association) has reviewed some quality studies and found that

  • Up to 10% of sick leave may be attributed to lifestyle behaviours and obesity.
  • Workplace health interventions may improve productivity by 1-2%
  • Obesity is strongly associated with sickness absence in the workplace.
  • Presenteeism costs UK workplaces £15bn per year compared to around £8bn for absenteeism.
  • Good nutrition is just as important for mental health as it is for physical health.

What can we offer?

At Eat Well Now we can offer a range of nutrition workshops/seminars which are tailored to your industry and  budget.  We can offer nutrition clinics for one to one consultations and lunchtime workshops.

We can cover topics such as food and mood, keeping energised throughout the day, diet and heart health, weight management, mens health, stress/IBS and much more. We can also provide you with an organisational nutritional needs assessment report which would include a review of your catering services and meal/snack  provision.

Debra is accredited to deliver the BDA Work Ready programme so be rest assured that you will be receiving advice which is evidence based by a Registered Dietitian. The BDA work ready programme offers a bespoke nutritional wellness programme tailored to your employees’ needs.


1.5 to 2 hour workshop                 £300

Benefits of workplace nutrition programmes

Providing a healthy workspace can lead to healthier employees. As reported by the Confederation of British Industry (2010), the average direct cost of absence is £595 with an average indirect cost of £465 per employee. Improving the wellbeing of your staff can reduce absence; lead to a more productive workforce; and improve staff morale.

If you would like to get your company and workplace healthier I can provide a consultancy service covering all aspects of nutrition including how to register and get your company listed with the government’s Responsibility Deal.

If you are interested in finding out more about workplace nutrition clinics or workshops please feel free to contact me on 07780998732 or

Recent Case study and feedback received by local company in Exeter.