Health, Nutrition, & Diet training courses in Exeter Devon

At Eat Well Now we are pleased to offer a range of new diet and nutrition related  workshops and courses. We run courses locally in Exeter and other places in Devon, yet also can provide online training via webinars for companies not based in the South West of England.

We are very excited to be able to offer these types of courses to our customers.  In addition to our range of standard courses, we can also offer bespoke training tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.  We are fully qualified and experienced in delivering training to a range of audiences.

Eat Well Now offers courses on a range of topics including:-

Diet and Nutrition Awareness –

to promote an understanding of nutritional requirements and basic gastrointestinal anatomy.

Nutrition and Diabetes –

an overview of what Diabetes is and influence of the diet on blood glucose levels and other factors to consider in achieving a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Obesity and Nutrition –

an overview of the epidemiology of obesity, energy balance, healthy eating, physical activity and the prevention of obesity.

Nutrition and Coronary Heart Disease –

an overview of Coronary Heart Disease, risk factors and diet/lifestyle changes in prevention of CHD.

Nutrition and the older person –

covering the consequences of malnutrition, importance of nutritional screening and the treatment of malnutrition.

Nutrition awareness for caterers –

covering the balance of good health, nutritional requirements, general nutritional guidelines, food labelling regulations and menu planning.

Please contact us at Eat Well Now for further information on training courses.