About Debra

Registered Dietitian Exeter Devon


Thanks for visiting Eat Well Now! So this is the part where I tell you about my journey and why I trained to be a registered dietitian and what I do in my day to day life. I started studying nutrition and dietetics over 25 years ago – it all began with my desire to learn more about science and also the effect that food has on our health. As a teenager I was often in the kitchen cooking up all sorts of yummie delights for my family to feast on. I was often found with my head in a book learning about nutrition. This passion has continued throughout the whole of my life to date.

My career has evolved and taken me in so many different directions with many twists and turns. Over the years I have worked in industry for many different pharmaceutical and food companies. I have worked with thousands of patients (both NHS and private) that have presented to me with a variety of clinical conditions. It has been a pleasure to help my patients improve their lives by making diet and lifestyle changes. I feel lucky to have met so many interesting people and help them on their health and wellbeing journey. More recently, I decided to give back some of my knowledge to university students learning about diet and nutrition. I have lectured to both undergraduates and post graduates at the University of Plymouth. In 2021 I completed by MSc in Advanced Professional Practice which was one of my own personal goals I wanted to complete.

I am also a full member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA), Freelance Dietitians Group (FDG) and the Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC). The HCPC is an Independent UK wide health regulator setting the standards of performance and conduct.

The goal of Eat Well Now is to offer a professional, high quality service to individuals, groups and organisations. If you would like to get in touch and find out more how I can help please get in touch!

My specialist interests

I am particularly interested in diabetes, weight management and bariatrics. Another of my enthusiasms is helping individuals put diabetes into remission by diet and lifestyle changes. I enjoy delivering engaging training workshops tailored to my audience.

My portfolio of work

As a freelance nutrition consultant I have been fortunate to work with a wide range of organisations and private clients.  My porfolio of work has included diabetes roadshows, menu planning, radio broadcasts and other media work, private consultations, advising bariatric clients pre and post surgery, ethics/regulatory submissions, acceptability and tolerance studies for ACBS, writing blogs, medico-legal reporting writing and delivering various group talks/seminars.  I am also an accredited BDA Work Ready dietitian and offer training workshops on nutrition and wellbeing at work.  I also work in partnership with food brands and selected companies that need nutrition expertise from a qualified dietitian.

My life

I am passionate about food, health and wellbeing and enjoy getting creative in the kitchen. I am a busy mum to a teenage son and understand how in todays modern society it can be difficult to get a good balance between a personal life and career. My interests include getting outdoors and enjoys running, cycling and walking in the beautiful south west countryside.

What’s the difference between a dietitian and nutritionist UK?

Registered dietitians are the only qualified health professionals that assess, diagnose and treat diet and nutrition problems at an individual and wider public health level. Uniquely, dietitians use the most up to date public health and scientific research on food, health and disease, which they translate into practical guidance to enable people to make appropriate lifestyle and food choices.

Dietitians are the only nutrition professionals to be statutorily regulated, and governed by an ethical code, to ensure that they always work to the highest standard. Dietitians work in the NHS, private practice, industry, education, research, sport, media, public relations, publishing, Non Government Organisations and government. Their advice influences food and health policy across the spectrum from government, local communities and individuals.

Choosing the right person to seek help and advice from can sometimes be a confusing task. Many people claim to be experts in nutrition yet have very limited knowledge and offer no protection to the public.

Dietitians are very often referred to as the ‘Gold Standard’ when it comes to nutrition and food professionals.  Dietitian? Nutritionist? Nutritional Therapist or Diet Expert? For more information about the differences between these please visit the BDA website at https://www.bda.uk.com/about-dietetics/what-is-dietitian/dietitian-or-nutritionist.html

How much does it cost to see a dietitian UK?

Prices can vary considerably depending on the location of the dietitian. London prices are higher. Generally initial consultations can vary in cost between £90 to £150. It is worth considering booking a package of treatment as this can work out more cost effective than paying for individual sessions.