20/9/16 The dangers of the “clean eating” fad

A review of the BBC programme “Clean eating dirty secrets”

I really enjoyed watching the BBC programme “ Clean eating dirty secrets.”  See attached link to watch this now on BBC iplayer.

It really does highlight the issue of faddy diets and the latest trendy craze on “clean eating.”  This programme highlights the dangers of following such faddy diets that cut out so many types of foods.  There seems to be an increase in so called “wellness professionals” that say they have the knowledge and answers to all your health problems.   Common trendy diet terms include acid/alkaline diets and “clean eating”.  Clean eating gurus promote eating regimes that are based wholly on plant based foods.  There are many wellness bloggers out there that provide advice that has no scientific basis behind it – this is extremely dangerous and such information should be treated with caution.

The whole healthy eating and diet industry is extremely lucrative with many companies/individuals making vast sums of money promoting products/services that are not backed up with any scientific evidence.

Another worry I have with all these trendy fad diets is the potential harm they can cause in the long term with individuals developing very unbalanced diets and possible eating disorders. In the programme they talk about a condition called “ orthorexia” which is when someone suffers from an obsession with eating foods that one considers healthy.  This “clean eating” trend seems to be leading to an increase in the numbers of people suffering from orthorexia.

On the BBC programme I was glad to hear the views from Registered Dietitians putting the facts straight on such faddy diets.  If you are in any way concerned about your diet and want to ensure that you are consuming a healthy well balanced diet always seek advice from a qualified Registered Dietitian.