Nutritional supplements


These are some of the supplements I would recommend based on personal taste and professional opinion. Eat Well Now will receive affiliate commission on any links clicked on.

Menopause supplements

General supplements

With regards combination vitamin/mineral supplements I often recommend the following supplements to adults: Centrum Advance, Sanatogen A-Z, Forceval soluble , Holland and Barrett High strength mega vita min. What you choose depends on your personal choice and budget.

During pregnancy specific supplements designed for pregnant women should be taken (note pregnant women should avoid multivitamin supplements containing excess retinol form of Vitamin A).



There are many different types of probiotics on the market. The ones I would recommend to my clients would be Optibac, Symprove, Biokult, Vivomixx and Aflorex. These are my personal choices based on having good scientific research behind them.

Protein supplements