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05/06/2020 Online remote consultations

At Eat Well Now we are still continuing to offer nutrition consultations and work with businesses during the period of lockdown. If you are an individual or business needing dietary advice we can do zoom consultations which offer flexibility and convenience to suit your requirements. We understand this is a period of anxiety and uncertainty
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03/06/19 – Thinking of becoming a harmonious herbivore?

What is plant based eating? Plant based diets are those that focus primarily on foods derived from plant sources, including fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts and meat substitutes, such as tofu, to name a few. People choose plant based diets for many different reasons including concern about the treatment of animals, health reasons, environmental concerns, personal
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18/12/18 – Eat, drink and be merry

It’s almost that time of year again when we look forward to all the festivities that Christmas brings with lots of parties, socialising and enjoying festive dining. However, for those that are struggling to battle the bulge being surrounded by all the temptations of high calorie food and drink it can be a time of
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26/06/18 – Are you wilting as summer temperatures soar?

Now the summer is well and truly in full swing and we are spending more time outdoors, being more active and feeling the heat it is important to stay hydrated. Signs of dehydration include Headaches, lack of concentration, irritability, high pulse rate, and extreme thirst. So it is important that we drink enough fluids throughout
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16/04/18 – Spring clean the health and wellbeing of your workforce

16/04/18 Spring clean the health and wellbeing of your workforce Are you an employer looking to create a healthier work environment in your workplace?  Perhaps you are an HR manager who is responsible for organising employee perks and benefits?  At Eat Well Now we run workplace nutrition workshops that cover topics such as food and
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5/06/2017 Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCD) for Type 2 Diabetes

 5/06/2017 Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCD) for Type 2 Diabetes Research on very low calorie diets The use of very low calorie diets for Type 2 Diabetes hit headlines when researchers at Newcastle University found that a VLCD was effective in reversing Type 2 Diabetes.  Since this initial research another high profile research study has
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20/9/16 The dangers of the “clean eating” fad

A review of the BBC programme “Clean eating dirty secrets” I really enjoyed watching the BBC programme “ Clean eating dirty secrets.”  See attached link to watch this now on BBC iplayer. It really does highlight the issue of faddy diets and the latest trendy craze on “clean eating.”  This programme highlights the dangers
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6/07/16 Bariatric Diets: What and how to eat

Diets for Bariatric (Gastric band) Surgery If you have had bariatric surgery or are considering having surgery it is essential you receive dietary advice from a Registered Dietitian. The right diet and proper bariatric eating techniques can mean the difference between success and failure. This will ensure that you avoid complications and maximise short and
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5/07/16 Special Summer promotional offer

5/07/16 Promotional offer until the end of July – 15% off initial consultations Debra is back at Eat Well Now after doing a full time professional teaching course and is offering a 15% discount off all initial consultations that are booked before the end of July.   She is available for personal consultations in person/via skype.   
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16/3/15 WHO Guidelines – to reduce sugar intake

Geneva – A new WHO guideline recommends adults and children reduce their daily intake of free sugars to less than 10% of their total energy intake. A further reduction to below 5% or roughly 25 grams (6 teaspoons) per day would provide additional health benefits. Sugar Guideline

4/3/15 Eat Well Now – Successful health and wellbeing workshops

Why Health at Work Matters The Workplace has a big effect on the health of everyone who works there.  It’s also a fantastic place for promoting health to employees.  If people are happy with their working environment, their physical and mental wellbeing will benefit as a result.  And the healthier they are the more productive
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23/1/15 Personalised Nutrition – is this the way forward?

Personalised Nutrition – What is the right diet for you? Health concerns such as obesity, diabetes and alzheimers disease are placing an unsustainable burden on our healthcare systems, systems which are based on treating sick people rather than preventing illness. Personalised health science nutrition has the opportunity to offer a compelling and cost effective solution
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23/12/14 – Special New Year offer!!!

Here at Eat Well Now we are offering all new clients 15% off their initial consultation for a limited period only.  If you are planning on putting health, diet and lifestyle top off your list for 2015 then ensure you get advice and support from a qualified Dietitian.  We have a number of packages here
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3/12/2014 Mediterranean diet keeps people ‘genetically young’

30/10/14 Interventions to reduce diabetes risk should primarily target weight reduction

Weight reduction to reduce the risks of Diabetes Just wanted to share some interesting research which shows for every 1kg weight loss there was a 16% reduction in risk of diabetes.  Even more evidence to support the need for diet and lifestyle intervention programmes such as the Counterweight programme. Effect of weight loss with lifestyle
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Eat Well this Autumn to Super Boost your Immunity

Eat Well this Autumn to Super Boost your Immunity As we move into Autumn the cold and flu season is fast approaching we might be wise in thinking what steps we can take now to protect ourselves.   Debra Williams, Freelance Dietitian offers us some information on how diet has such an important part to play
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Eat Well Now – new website launch

We are very excited to finally launch our fantastic new website today!  This has taken many months of hard work and web design development. Many thanks to Matt Arnold, Website designer of for his hard work in getting us to this stage. We hope to give you easier access to information about our services
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