16/04/18 – Spring clean the health and wellbeing of your workforce

16/04/18 Spring clean the health and wellbeing of your workforce

Are you an employer looking to create a healthier work environment in your workplace?  Perhaps you are an HR manager who is responsible for organising employee perks and benefits?  At Eat Well Now we run workplace nutrition workshops that cover topics such as food and mood, heart health, weight management, how to manage stress/IBS and much more.

Improving the wellbeing of your staff can reduce absence; lead to a more productive workforce; and improve staff morale.  Having fun, interactive events and workshops in your workplace can help foster a positive thinking culture amongst your employees and help with team building.

Debra has recently become accredited to deliver the BDA Work Ready programme so be rest assured that you will be receiving advice which is evidence based by a Registered Dietitian. The BDA work ready programme offers a bespoke nutritional wellness programme tailored to your employees’ needs.

To find out more about the BDA Work Ready programme  and the benefits of improving your employees’ health and wellbeing and please follow this link

You can contact us at to book an initial meeting or arrange an nutritional needs assessment of your organisation.